Vertical Machining Centers Classification

- Sep 21, 2017-

Vertical machining center can complete milling, boring, drilling, tapping and cutting thread etc. The vertical machining center is at least three axis and two linkage, which can realize three axis and three linkage. Some can be controlled by five and six axes. Vertical machining center column height is limited, and the machining scope of the box type is reduced, which is the disadvantage of vertical machining center. But vertical machining center is convenient to install and clamp. The cutting tool is easy to observe and the debugging procedure is easy to check and measure, and the problem can be detected in time to be processed or modified. The cooling conditions are easy to establish, and the cutting fluid can reach the cutter and the machining surface directly. The three axes agree with the cartesian coordinate system, and the feeling is consistent with the drawing Angle, the chip is easy to eliminate and drop, and avoid scratches on the surface. Compared with the corresponding horizontal machining center, the structure is simple, the floor area is smaller, the price is lower

According to guide classification

It can be divided into hard rail and line rail according to the guide rail of vertical machining center. Hard rail is suitable for heavy cutting, and the rail movement is more sensitive.

According to speed classification

Vertical machining center spindle speed of 6000-15000rpm for low speed, 18000rpm and above for high speed type.

Structural classification

According to the vertical machining center, the structure can be divided into C type and gantry type.



Vertical machining center is to point to the state of the main shaft for vertical machining center, its structure form for fixed columns, workbench is rectangle, without dividing rotating function, suitable for processing plate, set, plate parts, it generally has three linear motion axes, and it can be installed on the workbench a along the horizontal axis rotation of the rotary table, spiral parts for processing.

Vertical machining center is easy to install, easy to operate, easy to observe the machining situation, easy to debug program, widely used. But restricted by column height and tool change device, can not machining parts, high in processing cavity or concave profile, the chip is not easy to discharge, serious when tool damage, destroy the machined surface, impact process is smooth.


Horizontal machining center spindle machining center with horizontal state, usually with an automatic indexing rotary table, it generally has three to five coordinate motion, common are three linear motion coordinates and coordinates a rotary movement, the workpiece in a card, after complete except for the installation and the top surface of the remaining four surface processing, it is best suited to add body parts. Compared with vertical machining center, horizontal machining center is easy to be processed, which is good for processing, but complicated in structure. The price is higher.

The working principle of

Using compressed air flow in the pipe, drive oil along the pipeline caused by continuous flow, mixing and transportation of oil and gas to machining center spindle part and screw other parts that need lubrication. The dry compressed air is supplied continuously with constant pressure (5-8 bar), and the lubricating oil is supplied by the different quantity of fuel consumption according to spindle lubrication, screw lubrication or other parts. So every lubrication circuit must use a separate the micro pump as the power source of the oil, the oil from the pump after must go into the oil and gas mixing valve and in oil and gas mixing valve, the flow of compressed air to blow the oil into tiny droplets, attached to the oil film is formed on the wall, the oil film with the flowing direction of the airflow in the pipe wall, medium oil film thickness in flow process gradually thinning, but not together

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