Todaycnc Participate In The Nineteenth DMP Exhibition

- Feb 27, 2018-

Todaycnc  participate in the "nineteenth DMP Exhibition"

The nineteenth Dongguan International Metalworking Exhibition (time: 2017-11-28 to 12-1) has the perfect ending, as a high-end business platform of trade, metal processing equipment industry trade and industry docking exchanges in one machine tool industry, Shenzhen city today standard Precision Machinery Co., actively participate in and reap fruitful results, based on the development of a solid company later.

As fifteenth debut exhibition metal processing enterprises in Shenzhen, today the standard brand carry self-developed double spindle CNC machine CNC walking this stunning debut, with cars, milling, drilling, boring, tapping and other functions in one of the top five go all attracted many businessmen's attention, there are 5 agents to determine the agent double spindle CNC take pains.

Todaycnc director Wang Changqing: "there has a lot of large precision parts company to take order, then they used to processing of precision parts, the exhibition also brought a lot of bar,shaft part on-site processing to a broad audience, attracted a lot of people come to visit, (the effect) is good."

 During the metal processing exhibition, todaycnc hall exhibits 4 series of CNC walking machine products, holding 26 precision parts processing exhibition, attracting more than 30000 visitors, receiving 218 professional consultation and 218 people visiting the museum.

After 15 years of hard accumulation, leading technology of today's standard, but also reflect the advantages of precision machine tools, CNC standard not only take pains in today, by many of the world's buyers and domestic first-line manufacturers praise, CNC turning milling machine tools and research, has made great breakthrough and development.

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