How To Choose The Right Kind Of Engraving Machine

- Jan 27, 2016-

Small advertising signs shop's initial purchase, mainly producing stereo lamp plate, Crystal, 

double-color Board, employee badge, buy advertising level. But also should in machine configuration

Shang further 

refinement, as main do double color Board, on must to configuration floating knife head, because 

it can guarantee in big layout double color Board Shang carved moments Word shades consistent; 

but main used 

to saw plexiglass Crystal word of, should matching 800W above power of spindle, or with small power 

high precision of spindle long-term dry heavy, on will accelerated bearing wear, 

and loss precision.

In General, 

the area the engraving machine is smaller than 600mm, and does not apply to carved pair of Swatch and 

other fine living, and more suitable for sawing, do some large plaque; format in 600mm belongs to the 

General engraver, either by using two swatches like soft fire makes sweet malt and menial work 

such as 

Word can be used as a saw.

For the required machining of cylindrical or shaped workpiece, because you need to install some of the 

fixtures or rotating axis, this requires the z-axis column high, between head and table space is large, 

so you 

can choose a dedicated machine. If Chop Shop Signet chapter, you can start with seal carving machine: 

carved Pi Zhang, Atom with laser engraving machine is the best, and materials such as bronze, 

jade carving, horns, seal, 6070, a combination of various materials indiscriminately.

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