High Speed Machining Center Advantages

- Sep 21, 2017-

High speed machining center, continuous improvement of work performance is an important prerequisite for high efficiency and high-precision machining of mould manufacturing. Driven by the driving technology, there are many different types of high speed machining centers that are innovative in structure and good in performance. In the late 1990s, the three-axis high-speed processing center appeared in the middle and late 1990s. On the drive way, from linear motion (X/Y/Z axis) of the servo motor and ball screw driven development to the present, driven by linear motor rotary motion (A and C axis) have adopted direct drive torque motor, some companies and through the linear motor and the torque motor make the perfecting adopts direct drive development of machining center five axis machining center. The stroke speed, dynamic performance and positioning accuracy of machining center have been significantly improved.

The basic structure

Structural characteristics of

The high speed machining center for mold processing, a common structural feature is the use of the gantry frame structure to enhance the rigidity of the machine tool and to make full use of the space in the processing zone. The material of machine tool bed body is mostly adopted polymer concrete, because this material has good damping performance and low heat conduction rate, it is beneficial to improve the machining precision of the mould.

The structural type of

At present, according to the configuration of the axis, the five-axis machining center can be divided into two types. One is that the three straight lines (X/Y/Z) are used for tool motion and two additional rotation axes (A and C) for the rotation and swing of the workpiece. This type of high speed machining center, such as Germany R? Der company's RXP500DS/RXP800DS, German Alzmetall company GS1000/5-t, Swiss Mikro's HSM400U/HSM600U and the XSM400U/XSM600U, which is called the ultra-high speed machining center, and C30U/C40U/C50U of Hermle, Germany, etc. Another is that one of the five axis swing axle (A) set in the structure of the spindle head type, through the fork shaft head to realize the motion of the spindle tool, and swing the spindle head can also be through strong clamping, within the scope of the position of the swing Angle at any position. This type of machine tool such as DMC75V linear/DMC105V linear, Mikro's HPM1850U and German Rolf Wisser's high-speed milling machine gamma605/1200. There are individual machine tools that have both the swing axis and the rotation axis on the main shaft, such as the G996V/BSH/5A high speed milling center in Parat, Germany, and the five-axis or six-axis gantry milling machine at Edel, Germany.


Five-axis high-speed machining center is the price is higher than three axis machining center, according to DMG DMC75V series of five axis machining center and three axis machining center are compared, and the price of five axis than the price of three axis will be 50% higher. The price of the five-axis high-speed machining center is high, but this kind of high - grade machine tool is especially suitable for the machining of complex mould.

Five axis machining center in the deeper, more steep cavity machining, can through the workpiece or the additional rotary spindle head and swing to create the best process conditions for the machining of the vertical milling cutter, and avoid cutting tools and tool holder and the cavity wall collision, reduce the cutter when processing the jitter and the risk of tool breakage, thus to improve the quality of the surface of the mold, the processing efficiency and cutting tool durability. When the user is in the purchasing and processing center, the three axis machining center or the five-axis machining center should be selected according to the complexity and precision of the shape of the mold cavity.

From the high speed machining center can be seen in the process of continuous innovation, make full use of the latest achievements in the field of today's technology, especially the use of drive technology and control technology of the latest achievements, high-speed performance and dynamic characteristics is constantly improve machining center and machining precision of the key.

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