Engraving Machines For Material

- Jan 27, 2016-

Decoupage, greeting cards and other paper craft cutting and marble, granite, glass, Crystal and other 

decorative material carved markers.

Laser embroidery works is through lasers laser, controlled by an advanced scanner trajectory 

carved holes

in the cloth fabric, creating a stylish, trend-setting effect. Its effect with the embroidery 

embroidery are fundamentally different.

First, from pattern Visual Shang view, embroidery machine is will a root root different color of line 

prefix in clothing fabric of surface Shang, by color block combination into pattern; and

"laser embroidery" 

is is according to clothing fabric of background to processing of, through laser control system of 

layered approach, in same color of fabric Shang "embroidered" out cloth background in shades varies,

and has level

sense of transition color to. This natural transition to embedded in the fabric in the background 


cannot be deployed by any designer, has a unique, natural, simple style.

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