Engraving Machine Uses

- Jan 27, 2016-

1, mainly used for large plastic cutting. Glass engraving cutting, sign carving, Crystal, 

trophy engraving, licensing engraving.

2, arts and crafts industry: wood, bamboo, ivory, bone, leather, marble, or shell-carved designs on 

the material and texts. Cutting, carving stencil process. Clothing, lingerie, jewelry, gloves, handbags, 

shoes, hats, toys and car industry cutting, engraving.

3, leather garment processing industry: leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, cloth, fur 

on the complex text graphics carving.

4, model industry: making architectural models and aircraft models, such as the sandbox. 

Multilayer Board, 

ABC Board cuts.

5, packaging industry: carving printing rubber plates, plastic plates, double die-cutting board, 

a knife blade.

6, the product identification industry: equipment nameplate, product security marking and so on.

Laser wood engraving techniques

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