Engraving Machine Application Classification

- Jan 27, 2016-

Computer engraving machine has two types of laser engraving and mechanical engraving, which divided

 into two classes with high power and low power. Because carved machine of application range

very widely,so has necessary understand various carved machine of most right of application 


1, and chest brand: small power laser carved machine (carved Zhang Ji), and power or 

small power computer carved machine; 

2, and building model: big, and small power computer carved machine; 3, and metal 

(mold, and chapter,) processing: big, and small power computer carved machine 

(power for each cutting volume more and 

province Shi); 4, and Crystal Word making: big power laser carved machine (50W above),

power mechanical carved machine; 

5, and wood, and Plexiglass, artificial stone plate production: power machine engraving machine; 

6, display, exhibition model: high power, large-format mechanical engraving machine, mold, jade, 

7, ceramic crafts, ornaments, ornaments, electrical fixtures, hand-made sculpture: 

high-power computer engraving machine.

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