CNC Turning Center Operation Requirements

- Jun 07, 2017-

CNC Turning Center In the elevator drive system, the transmission shaft is the mechanical part which transmits the torque without bending moment. In order to achieve the use of performance, to ensure the safe operation of the elevator shaft has a strict process requirements. CNC Turning Center The DHJ05 series drive shaft is made of 1cre 17NI2 stainless steel material, the length diameter ratio is greater than 25, which belongs to the slender shaft type parts. The main reasons for the difficulty of machining slender shaft are: Shan process rigidity is poor, it is easy to be subjected to cutting force, clamping force and other external forces to produce deformation and chatter, to destroy the position relationship between cutter and workpiece, and to reduce machining accuracy. CNC Turning Center The thermal diffusivity of Shan is poor, and the line expansion is produced under the action of cutting heat. If the two ends are fixed, the shaft will be curved with the elongation and the top, and the ellipse, cone, drum shape and the shape of the bamboo are curved, resulting in roundness and cylindricity errors. Through the production practice and exchanges with technical personnel, explore the use of Shenyang HTC40 series CNC lathe Batch processing shaft of effective methods, CNC Turning Center mainly include: Shan in roughing in the use of a new type of central frame with rolling bearings, reduce the contact wear, reduce the shape and position error. Shan in heat treatment, the use of graded quenching, effectively reduce the change in the process of crack generation, to prevent transmission shaft in the process of fracture. CNC Turning Center Shan in the finishing of the use of PCBN vehicle knife, to the vehicle generation grinding, improve the processing accuracy and processing efficiency.

(1) Turning processing technology. Blank Kami 35mm, CNC Turning Center the material is 1cre 17NI2 stainless steel, is the low carbon chromium nickel type corrosion resisting steel, has the high strength, the hardness and the good corrosion resistance. The Kemm MX 400mm of the left end of the blanks is installed with a three-jaw self centering chuck. In order to reduce the influence of radial cutting force on the bending deformation of slender shaft, a new type of center frame with bearing is supported at the Kami 35mmx 200mm place to increase the stiffness of the workpiece. The 45 carbide tool is used to drive the right end of the coarse vehicle and drill the center hole. Turn on the left side of the rough car, drilling center hole, to ensure that the axis and size of the 2 center hole consistent, CNC Turning Center at this time to ensure that the total length of 796mm. The coarse car is used 85 carbide lathe knife, 5 m m cutting Groove knife, 6 Koein thread vehicle cutter, one clamp way section turning, a =. 5mm, N 800r Min, =. 1mm. After the rough car, the outer circle dimensions are: M20x1.5mm, 5mm X 15mm, Senem 26Mx37.1mm, 5mm X 20mm, S.1mm X 112.4mm, 5mm X 25mm, and Kam 396.3mm. The allowance for the external round car is 0.5mm, Ra. Im, with a dimension accuracy of up to 0.08mm. After the coarse vehicle, straightening machine is adopted to adjust the transmission shaft so that the beating is less than 0.04mm.

(2) Adopt the center frame with rolling bearing. In bulk processing, because the workpiece in the center of the support of the rotation, the two are sliding friction, CNC Turning Center very easy to produce frictional overheating. When supporting the blank workpiece, due to the rough surface to be machined, the roundness is poor, resulting in a central support claw of the arc surface wear serious, gap increases, the support of the claw of the arc surface and the workpiece surface contact is bad, while there is a sharp beating, it is necessary to constantly adjust the support claw ( When the bearing has been machined, the center frame supports the claw and easily scrapes, scratches and bites the machined surface, which affects the machining quality and surface roughness of the workpiece.

The structure of the original center frame was improved and a new type of center frame with rolling bearing was designed. Production process: According to the size of the support claw 608 deep groove ball bearings, the diameter of the Seamine 0-0.007mm, outside diameter is S. 22 0-0.008mm, CNC Turning Center Width 7 0-0.12mm. The friction coefficient of this kind of bearing is small, the limit speed is high, the structure is simple, the cost is low, and very durable, need not maintain frequently. Mainly used to withstand radial load, can also withstand a certain amount of diameter, axial joint load. A 9-13mm groove is milled at the end of the supporting claw and drilled through the Simine-0.02-0.03m m, the Seper 03-0. $number mm on the lathe. The bearing and the pin are combined with the base hole to make the Semine 7 S5, and the pin and the through hole are combined with the Seine 8S7.

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