CNC Milling Machine Wide Range

- Jul 26, 2017-

CNC machining tool selection and cutting the amount of determination is completed in the human-computer interaction state, requiring programmers must master the tool selection and cutting the amount of the basic principles of determining, in the programming to fully consider the characteristics of CNC machining, CNC Milling Machine the correct choice of cutting tools and cutting The CNC machining technology involves a wide range of applications, the characteristics and difficulties of its processing technology is still how high-speed, high efficiency and correct selection of CNC machine tools to produce a technical requirements in line with the technical requirements of CNC machining processes and procedures. CNC machining can greatly shorten the product manufacturing cycle, CNC Milling Machine an effective solution to the mechanical products in the complex, sophisticated, single small batch, the shape of the variable parts processing.

In order to adapt to the high speed, high efficiency and high degree of automation of CNC machine tools, the tool is moving in the direction of standardization, CNC Milling Machine generalization and modularization. It is divided into two categories: milling tool and hole cutting tool. In order to meet the high efficiency and special milling requirements, but also the development of a variety of special purpose special tool.

CNC milling machine tool holder structure is divided into modular and integral two. The modular tool system is a more advanced tool system, CNC Milling Machine and each tool holder can be assembled from a variety of serialized modules. For different processing parts and machine tools, take a different assembly program, CNC Milling Machine access to a variety of knife handle series, thereby improving the adaptability and utilization of the handle.

The working part of the overall tool holder tool is integrated with the handle on the machine. This tool holder is less adaptable to the transformation of machine tools and parts. In order to adapt to the transformation of parts and machine tools, users must reserve a variety of tool holders, CNC Milling Machine so the lower utilization of the handle.

In order to improve the processing efficiency, as far as possible the selection of high efficiency tool and handle. Selection of strong milling chuck handle, high clamping accuracy, can be used to hold the straight handle tool, CNC Milling Machine because the retainer itself is a small self-locking lock, clamping force, can be used for strong milling; In the high-precision milling reaming work, but also through the rod clamping hole with the tool.

Selection of spring chuck handle, buckle elastic deformation of 1mm, the main clamping small size milling cutter, such as drill, cutter, reamer, CNC Milling Machine tap and so on. CNC Milling Machine Selection of modular tool system because of its high positioning accuracy, easy loading and unloading, good connection, with good resistance to vibration, is currently used in a more type, it consists of the handle, the middle pole and the working head. Selection of rough boring can choose double-edged boring tool handle, CNC Milling Machine can improve the processing efficiency, but also help reduce the cutting vibration; for large quantities, complex processing of the typical workpiece, CNC Milling Machine should be used as far as possible composite tool. Although the composite tool and the handle price is more expensive, CNC Milling Machine but in the CNC machine tools using composite tool processing, CNC Milling Machine can focus on the process, the multi-channel processes into a process, by a tool to complete, CNC Milling Machine help to reduce the processing time and tooling times, Significantly improve production efficiency.

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