CNC Milling Machine The Requirements Are Higher

- Oct 12, 2017-

CNC milling machine cutting with high-speed, high efficiency, CNC Milling Machine compared with the traditional milling machine cutting, CNC milling machine cutting tool on the higher requirements of milling tool rigidity, strength, durability and installation of adjustment methods will directly affect the work of cutting Efficiency; CNC Milling Machine tool itself, precision, dimensional stability will directly affect the workpiece machining accuracy and surface processing quality, the rational use of cutting tools is also an important part of CNC machining process.

1) Inlaid non-regrinded carbide blade cutter is mainly used for milling plane, rough milling cutter diameter selected smaller, fine milling cutter diameter selected larger,CNC Milling Machine when the processing margin and large When the amount is not uniform, the tool diameter is chosen to be smaller, otherwise it will cause the processing quality of the workpiece due to the deep knife marks.

2) on the three-dimensional surface or variable bevel profile contour workpiece processing, often used ball end cutter, ring cutter, drum cutter, cone cutter, disc cutter.

3) High speed steel end mills are used to process bosses and grooves. If the processing margin is small, the surface roughness requirements are higher, you can choose to set cubic boron nitride blade or ceramic cutter face milling cutter.

4) rough surface or hole roughing, can be used in carcassed corncob cutter for strong cutting.

5) Machining accuracy requires a higher groove, CNC Milling Machine you can choose a smaller diameter than the end of the end mill, CNC Milling Machine the first part of the first slot, and then use the tool radius compensation function milling the two sides of the slot.

CNC machining tool selection and cutting the amount of determination is completed in the human-computer interaction state, requiring programmers must grasp the tool selection and cutting the amount of the basic principles of determining the full consideration in the programming of CNC machining characteristics, the correct choice of cutting tools and cutting The CNC processing technology involves a wide range of applications, CNC Milling Machine the characteristics and difficulties of its processing technology is still how high-speed, high efficiency and correct selection of CNC machine tool tools to meet the technical requirements of the NC processing technology and procedures. CNC machining can greatly shorten the product manufacturing cycle, an effective solution to the mechanical products in the complex, sophisticated, single small batch, the shape of the variable parts processing.

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