CNC Milling Machine Specialty

- Jul 13, 2017-

CNC milling machine cutting with high-speed, CNC Milling Machine high efficiency, compared with the traditional milling machine cutting, CNC milling machine cutting tool on the higher requirements of the milling tool rigidity, strength, durability and installation of adjustment methods will directly affect the work of cutting Efficiency; tool itself, precision, dimensional stability will directly affect the workpiece machining accuracy and surface processing quality, CNC Milling Machine the rational use of cutting tools is also an important part of CNC machining process.

1) CNC machine tool hole drilling generally no drilling, CNC Milling Machine due to the rigidity of the drill bit and poor cutting conditions, the choice of drill diameter D should meet the L / D ≤ 5 (L for the drilling depth) conditions.

2) before drilling with the center drill positioning, CNC Milling Machine to ensure the positioning accuracy of hole processing.

3) fine reaming hole can be used floating reamer, CNC Milling Machine reaming hole before the chamfer.

4) Boring should be used as far as possible the use of symmetrical multi-blade boring head for cutting to balance the radial force to reduce the boring vibration.

5) Try to choose thicker and shorter arbor to reduce cutting vibration.

1) Inlaid non-regrinded carbide blade cutter is mainly used for milling plane, rough milling cutter diameter selected smaller, fine milling cutter diameter selected larger, CNC Milling Machine when the processing margin and large When the amount is not uniform, the tool diameter is selected to be smaller, CNC Milling Machine otherwise it will cause the processing quality of the workpiece due to the deep knife marks.

2) on the three-dimensional surface or variable bevel contour contour workpiece processing, CNC Milling Machine often used ball end cutter, ring cutter, drum cutter, cone cutter, disc cutter.

3) High speed steel end mills are used to process bosses and grooves. CNC Milling Machine If the processing margin is small, the surface roughness requirements are higher, you can choose to set cubic boron nitride blade or ceramic cutter face milling cutter.

4) rough surface or hole rough processing, can be used in carcassed corncob cutter for strong cutting.

5) Machining accuracy requires a higher groove, you can choose a smaller diameter than the end of the end mill, the first part of the first slot, and then use the tool radius compensation function milling the two sides of the slot.

When the machine is overtaken, CNC Milling Machine you should press the overturn release button and move it in the opposite direction by manual or manual means. But if the lifting direction is reversed, CNC Milling Machine it will cause damage to the machine. Because when the overtravel is released, the overtravel protection of the machine will not work, and the overtraveled trip switch is at the end of the itinerary. At this point may cause the workbench to continue to move over the direction of the overturning, and ultimately pull the screw, resulting in machine damage. Specifies that the cursor is inappropriate when running the line. When the specified line is running, CNC Milling Machine it is often executed from the position where the cursor is located. For a lathe, it is necessary to call the tool offset of the tool used. If the tool is not called, the tool that is running the block may not be the desired tool, and it is highly likely that the tool is accidentally caused by the tool. Of course, CNC Milling Machine in the machining center, CNC milling machine must first call the coordinate system such as G54 and the length of the knife compensation value. Because the length of each knife compensation value is not the same, CNC Milling Machine if not called may also cause a knife.

CNC machining center CNC machine tools as a high-precision machine tools, CNC Milling Machine collision is very necessary to require the operator to develop a serious and careful habits, according to the correct method of operating the machine to reduce the phenomenon of machine tool bumps. CNC Milling Machine With the development of technology in the process of tool damage detection, machine impact detection, CNC Milling Machine machine tool adaptive processing and other advanced technologies, which can better protect the CNC machine tools.

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