CNC Milling Machine Key Factor

- Jun 21, 2017-

There are many reasons for the machining error during the machining of the CNC milling machine. The error caused by the tool radial runout is one of the important factors which directly affects the minimum shape error and the machined surface that can be achieved under the ideal machining conditions The geometric shape accuracy. CNC Milling Machine In the actual cutting, the radial runout of the tool affects the machining precision, surface roughness, tool wear unevenness and the cutting process characteristics of the multi-tooth tool. CNC Milling Machine The greater the tool radial runout, the more unstable the machining state of the tool, the more the effect of processing.

Tool and spindle parts of the manufacturing error, clamping error caused by the tool axis and the spindle between the ideal rotation axis drift and eccentric, CNC Milling Machine and the specific processing technology, tooling and so may produce CNC milling machine tool in the radial runout

1. The effect of the spindle itself on the radial runout

The main causes of the radial runout error of the spindle are the coaxiality error of each journal of the spindle, the various errors of the bearing itself, CNC Milling Machine the coaxiality error between the bearings, the deflection of the spindle and so on. Their influence on the radial rotation accuracy of the spindle With the different ways of processing and different. These factors are in the machine tool manufacturing and assembly process, such as the formation of the machine as the operator is difficult to avoid their impact.

2. The effect of the inconsistency between the tool center and the spindle rotation center

When the tool is installed in the spindle, CNC Milling Machine if the center of the tool and the rotation center of the spindle are not consistent, it will also bring the tool's radial runout. The specific influencing factors are: tool and chuck with the knife on the method is correct and the quality of the tool itself.

3. The impact of specific processing technology

The radial runout of the tool during machining is mainly due to the radial cutting force exerting radial runout. The radial cutting force is the total cutting force in the radial component. It will make the workpiece bending deformation and produce vibration when processing, CNC Milling Machine is the main component of the workpiece processing quality. It is mainly affected by the amount of cutting, tool and work a material, tool geometry, lubrication and processing methods and other factors.

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