CNC Milling Machine Influence Of Factors

- Jun 07, 2017-

CNC Milling Machine The radial runout of the cutter is mainly caused by radial cutting force. The radial cutting force is the total cutting in the radial force. It will make the workpiece bending deformation and the production of vibration, is the main influence of the workpiece processing quality. It is mainly affected by the cutting amount, the tool and the a pieces of material, the tool geometry angle, CNC Milling Machine the lubrication way and the processing method and so on.

The radial runout is mainly caused by the radial cutting force when the tool is in the process of machining. Therefore, reducing the path to cutting force is the important principle of reducing the path to beat. There are several ways to reduce the path to beat:

1. Using sharp Knives

A larger tool rake angle is used to make the tool sharper to reduce the cutting force and vibration. The friction between the cutter surface and the elastic recovery layer on the transition surface of the workpiece can be reduced by selecting a larger tool back angle. However, the tool's front and back corners can not be selected too large, otherwise it will lead to the strength of the tool and the cooling area is not enough. Therefore, CNC Milling Machine to combine the specific situation to choose different tool front and rear corners, roughing can be smaller, but in the finishing, in order to reduce the radial runout of the tool, it should be made bigger, make the tool sharper.

2. Use a tool with strong strength

There are two main ways to increase the strength of the tool. One is to increase the diameter of the tool rod in the case of the same radial cutting force, the diameter of the tool is increased by 20%, and the radial runout of the cutter can be reduced by 50%. The second is to reduce the extension length of the tool, the larger the length of the tool, the greater the tool deformation when machining, CNC Milling Machine in the constant changes in the radial runout of the tool will change with it, resulting in the workpiece processing surface is not smooth the same, the cutting length of the tool to reduce 20%, the radial runout of the tool will also be reduced by 50%.

3. The rake face of the tool should be smooth

In the process, the smooth front face can reduce the chip to the tool friction, but also can reduce the cutting force of the tool, thus reducing the radial runout of the tool.

4. Spindle taper hole and chuck cleaning

The spindle taper hole and the chuck head are clean, and the dust and workpiece can not be produced in the process of debris. When choosing the cutting tool, try to use the shorter cutting tool on the knife, CNC Milling Machine the strength should be reasonable even, not too large or too small.

5. The choice of eating knife should be reasonable

Eating knives over hours, there will be the phenomenon of processing skidding, in order to cause the tool in the process of the radial runout constant change, so that the surface of the processing is too large, the cutting force will be increased, resulting in large tool deformation, CNC Milling Machine increase the cutting tool in the processing of radial runout, will also make the surface of the processing is not smooth.

6. Using reverse milling during finishing

Due to the milling, the gap between the screw and the nut position is changed, will cause the worktable to uneven, thus have impact and vibration, affecting the machine tool, CNC Milling Machine tool life and workpiece processing surface roughness and in the use of inverse milling, cutting thickness from small to large, the load of the tool from small to large, the tool in the processing more stable. Note that this is only used in finishing, or in the case of roughing, because the productivity of the milling is high and the tool life can be guaranteed.

7. Rational use of cutting fluids.

The water solution which uses the cutting fluid as the main cooling effect has little effect on cutting force. The cutting force can be significantly reduced by lubricating oil. CNC Milling Machine Because of its lubrication, it can reduce the friction between the cutter face and the chip and the transition surface between the tool surface and the workpiece, thus reducing the radial runout of the tool.

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