CNC Milling Machine High Machining Precision

- Aug 10, 2017-

(1) Every time before the start of the machine to check the oil pump behind the oil is adequate, CNC Milling Machine the air compressor is open, the cutting fluid used in the mechanical oil is enough.

(2) on boot, first turn on the total power supply, CNC Milling Machine and then press the Open button in the CNC power supply, the emergency stop button clockwise rotation, such as milling machine detection all the functions (under the Operation panel of a row of red lights off), CNC Milling Machine press the Machine tool button, the milling machine reset, in standby state.

(3) In manual operation, must always be aware that in the X, Y direction before moving, CNC Milling Machine the z-axis must be placed in the lift position. In the process of moving, can not only look at the CRT screen coordinate position changes, but to observe the movement of the tool, and other tools to move in place, and then see the CRT screen fine-tuning.

(4) in the process of programming, for beginners, CNC Milling Machine as far as possible to minimize the use of G00 directives, especially in X, Y, z three axes linkage, more attention should be paid to. When walking an empty knife, the movement of the z-axis should be separated from that of the X and Y axes, that is, multiple lifting knives, less oblique insertion. Sometimes the tool will break when the cutter encounters the workpiece due to oblique insertion.

(5) In the use of computer serial communication, CNC Milling Machine to do: first open the milling machine, after the computer, first shut down the computer, and then shut down the milling machine. Avoid the milling machine in the process of switching, due to instantaneous changes in the current impact on the computer.

(6) In the use of DNC (computer and milling between the process of transmission) function, to pay attention to the memory capacity of milling machine, generally from the computer to the milling machine to transmit the total number of bytes of the program should be less than 23kB. If the program is relatively long, it must be processed by the computer edge transmission, but the program section number should not exceed N9999. CNC Milling Machine If the program segment is more than 10,000, you can use the program editing function in Mastercam to cancel the program segment number.

(7) The machine tool appears the alarm, must according to the alarm number to look for the reason, CNC Milling Machine promptly relieves the alarm, may not shut down the machine, otherwise after the boot is still in the alarm condition.

Compared to the General CNC Machining Center CNC machine tool processing precision, good dimensional stability, low labor intensity, easy to modern management. However, CNC Milling Machine due to improper operation or programming errors and other reasons, easy to make knives or knives hit the workpiece or machine tool, light will hit the tool and the parts are processed, the heavy will damage the machine tool parts, CNC Milling Machine so that the machining precision loss, or even cause personal accident. Therefore, from the perspective of maintaining precision, in the use of CNC machine tools and machine tools or workpiece will not be allowed to collide. The causes of the collision are summarized and analyzed below.

When the machine tool is super, CNC Milling Machine it should be removed by pressing the lift button and moving in the opposite direction manually or hand-cranked. But if the direction of the release is reversed, the machine will be harmed. Because when the super path is lifted, the machine's super protection will not work, the trip switch of the Super path protection is already at the end of the trip. At this point may cause the worktable to continue to move toward the direction of the super path, eventually pulling the bad lead screw, CNC Milling Machine causing the machine damage. Specifies that the cursor is positioned incorrectly when the line is running. When you specify a line to run, it is often executed from the cursor's position. For a lathe, CNC Milling Machine you need to invoke the knife bias value of the tool used, if the tool is not called, the tool that runs the segment may not be the tool you want, CNC Milling Machine and it is very likely that the cutter will be caused by different tool. Of course, CNC Milling Machine in the machining center, CNC Milling Machine must first call the coordinate system such as G54 and the length of the knife compensation value. Because the length compensation value of each knife is different, CNC Milling Machine it is possible to cause a bump if it is not called.

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