CNC Milling Machine Directional Function

- May 24, 2017-

CNC Milling Machine The spindle-stop function of NC milling machine is also called spindle orientation function, which is the essential function of fine boring. Usually, CNC Milling Machine the spindle-stop mechanism has two kinds of mechanical and electrical types, the modern CNC milling machine uses the electric type to stop the device way more, the electric type has the magnetic sensor type, the encoder type, the CNC system control type three methods.

1. Magnetic sensor type Spindle stop device

Magnetic sensor spindle is used to CNC Milling Machine detect the positioning of magnetic sensors. A magnet is mounted on the spindle, a magnetic sensor is fixed at the 1 2mm of the outer trajectory of the magnet, and the amplifier is connected with the spindle control unit. When the spindle control unit receives the quasi stop signal ORT from the NC system, when the spindle speed becomes the setting speed of the quasi stop, when the spindle control unit receives the magnetic sensor signal, the spindle drive immediately enters the CNC Milling Machine magnetic sensor as the position closed-loop control of the feedback element, and the target position is the quasi stop position. After the quasi stop, the spindle drive device sends the quasi-stop completion signal ore to the numerical control system.

2. Encoder type Spindle Stop device

The quasi stop control is realized by the position encoder installed in the spindle motor or in the spindle box of the machine tool, and a position encoder with 1:1 synchronous rotation of the spindle can be set arbitrarily. The spindle drive device can be automatically converted, so CNC Milling Machine that the spindle drive is in the speed control or position control state.

3. CNC system control Spindle Stop Device

The angle of the quasi stop can be set into arbitrary value by the NC system, and the quasi stop is executed by the NC code M19. When performing M19 or M19SX, the NC system first sends the M19 to the PLC, and then sends out the control signal, control spindle motor from the static rapid speed up or at the original operation of the high speed to speed down to the direction of the nort operation, to find the CNC Milling Machine spindle encoder 0-bit pulse C, and then enter the position of closed-loop control state, and according to the system parameters set directional stop. If the M19 has no s instruction, the spindle shall stop at a default position relative to the C pulse, and if the M19sx instruction is executed, the spindle shall stop at the instruction position, that is, relative to the 0-bit pulse XX degree. The specific control process of the spindle orientation and stop is different, but the control execution process of the system differs slightly.

The rotational speed curve of the spindle its CNC Milling Machine working process is: Shan when the actual rotational speed of the spindle n ≥ 600r Min, the input positioning instructions, the spindle immediately deceleration to the positioning of the Base Act speed (about 600r Min) and then rotate 1.5 to achieve synchronization, and then enter the position control, so that the spindle positioning to the preset point CNC Milling Machine and maintain the position closed loop Shan when 60r Min ≤ n ≤ 600r Min, input positioning instructions, the spindle to the current speed to achieve synchronization, and then act into position control (lower limit 60r Min for CNC Milling Machine adjustable speed). Shan when the actual rotational speed of the spindle is 0 or Sine Min, the input orientation instruction, the spindle starts with the 60r Min speed and achieves the synchronization, then enters the position control. Spindle Control Flow Chart

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