CNC Milling Machine A Wide Range

- Nov 02, 2017-

The selection of cutting tool and the determination of cutting amount in NC machining are accomplished under the condition of man-machine interaction, which requires programmers to master the Basic principles of tool selection and cutting dosage determination, fully considering the characteristics of NC machining in programming and selecting the blade and cutting amount correctly. NC machining technology involves a wide range of applications, the characteristics of its processing technology and difficult points still lies in how to correctly select CNC machine tools with high speed and high efficiency to produce NC machining processes and procedures that meet the technical requirements of the product. CNC Machining can greatly shorten the manufacturing cycle of products, CNC Milling Machine effectively solve the mechanical products complex, precision, one-piece small batch, the shape of variable parts processing.

CNC Milling Machine processing tools are many, in order to adapt to the high speed, high efficiency and automation of CNC machine tools, the tool is moving towards standardization, general and modular direction, mainly divided into milling tools and hole processing tool two major categories. CNC Milling Machine In order to meet the high efficiency and special milling requirements, a variety of special purpose tools have been developed.

The structure of the tool shank of NC milling machine is divided into two types: modular and integral. Modular tool system is a more advanced tool system, each of its toolholder can be assembled through a variety of serialization modules. For different machining parts and machine tools, CNC Milling Machine different assembly schemes can be obtained, so that the adaptability and utilization ratio of the toolholder are improved.

The working part of the integral hilt clamping tool is integrated with the handle part of the machine tool installed and positioned. This kind of hilt has poor adaptability to the transformation of machine tools and parts. In order to adapt to the transformation of parts and machine tools, CNC Milling Machine the user must reserve various specifications of the hilt, so the utilization rate of the toolholder is lower.

NC Milling Machine shank and spindle hole with the cone with 7:24 taper shank, and the corresponding type of pull nails, and machine tool spindle combined. The taper shank has the characteristics of no self-locking and convenient change of cutter. The common specifications of the hilt are 40th, CNC Milling Machine 45th and 50th. At present, the application of is07388-1983 in China is more extensive. mas403-1982. Ansi/asme 135.50-1985 and so on, the choice should consider the Toolholder specification and the machine tool spindle, CNC Milling Machine the manipulator adapts. JT: Indicates the use of the cone handle part of the machine tool with the international standard IS07388 number machining center (with manipulator clamping groove); CNC Milling Machine BT: The use of the Japanese standard MAS403 number machining center machine tool taper handle part (with manipulator clamping groove); The following number is the corresponding ISO taper number. For high-speed cutting commonly used HSK series Toolholder.

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