CNC Lathe The Manipulation Of

- Nov 02, 2017-

The rationality of machine tool design determines its service life and can show a good stability and excellent maneuverability in the harsh environment, and it is a systematic project to carry out and implement the whole manufacturing process for the manufacturing and assembling process. CNC Lathe The manufacturing and assembling process determines the final static geometrical precision and dynamic precision of the machine tool, which is more important for the NC machine tool.

NC Gantry Five Machining center is the ideal choice for machining parts and complex parts of the cavity, but it is very difficult to keep the accuracy of the new machine tools in line with the accuracy of the factory pre-acceptance when it is installed in the user location.

We have a new factory grinding unqualified load-bearing 3t rolling mill tracking analysis, CNC Lathe found that it has two of the principle of the problem: most of the machine structure and ordinary cylindrical grinder, the table is divided into two layers, CNC Lathe in the center of the table with a rotating center axis, A plurality of sliding bodies are arranged evenly between them so that the upper table can swing in the center of the rotating center axis under the action of external force. The upper table is provided with a head frame and a tailstock supporting the product workpiece, and the lower worktable mainly carries the weight of the upper worktable and the workpiece and is responsible for the left and right movement. According to the different technical requirements of rolling, CNC Lathe rolling mill can control the dimension of grinding workpiece by means of mould ruler which can adjust the inclination in its design. General rolling rolling ends of the head are small, belong to the high state, for use in different occasions and uses, roughly in 0.03~0. Within the range of 18m m or so, The dimension accuracy of the two ends should be controlled at around 0.01mm.

The function parts of the machine tool reflect the overall strength of a country in the equipment manufacturing industry, and the long-term quality of a machine tool is stable and the service is good or bad, CNC Lathe reflecting a manufacturing overall level. In today's situation, the factory is the best time to upgrade the technical level the early period for the quantity and ignore the quality of the problem as soon as possible to solve, to the user has a good reputation, to be in the manufacturer to form a "the first without my equipment is the user your fault, CNC Lathe the second one no longer need my equipment is the manufacturer of the wrong" sales philosophy. Figure 10, fig. 11 is the quality problem of the functional components which causes the machine tool not to work normally.

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