CNC Lathe The Basic Conditions

- Oct 30, 2017-

By the machine tool, tool, the workpiece composed of CNC machine tool manufacturing system in the processing process, with the removal of materials, CNC Lathe accompanied by a variety of complex physical phenomena, implies a wealth of information. In this dynamic, non-linear, time-varying, non-deterministic environment, CNC machine tool itself is the realization of intelligent technology to achieve the basic conditions.

CNC machine tools to achieve intelligence, the need for a variety of sensors to collect the external environment and internal status information, similar to the human facial features to change the function of the environment, as shown in Table 1. For people, the eyes are the most important organ of facial features, access to more than 90% of environmental information, but the visual sensor in the application of CNC machine tools is still relatively small. With the improvement of automation and intelligence level, CNC Lathe visual function in CNC machine tools will play an increasingly important role.

Due to the unpredictable or unpredictable complex phenomena and strange problems in the manufacturing process, as well as the existence of timeliness, accuracy and completeness of the monitored information, it is necessary to have the intelligence of analysis, reasoning, This requires the sensor to have a high-performance intelligent processor to act as a "brain". QUALCOMM Incorporated is developing an artificial intelligence system microprocessor capable of simulating human brain work. In the future, it can integrate high-performance artificial intelligence system microprocessor and sensor, signal processing circuit and I / O interface on the same chip through semiconductor integration technology to form large-scale integrated circuit type intelligent sensor, which not only has detection,  CNC Lathe Analysis and other functions, but also with self-learning or even thinking ability. I believe that with the computer technology, signal processing technology, MEMS technology, high-tech materials technology, CNC Lathe wireless communications technology and other advances, intelligent sensors will be intelligent machine tool awareness to bring new changes.

CNC machine tools to high-speed, high efficiency, high-precision development, requiring CNC machine tools with thermal compensation, vibration monitoring, CNC Lathe wear monitoring, condition monitoring and fault diagnosis and other intelligent functions. The integration of several or several intelligent sensors, CNC Lathe the use of artificial intelligence methods, through identification, analysis, CNC Lathe judgment and reasoning to achieve the intelligent function of CNC machine tools for the realization of intelligent components to lay the foundation.

The error of CNC machine tools includes geometric error, thermal (deformation) error, force (deformation) error, assembly error and so on. The results show that the geometric error and thermal error account for more than 50% of the total machine tool error, which is the key factor affecting the machining accuracy of the machine, as shown in Fig. Among them, the geometric error is the error caused by the manufacturing process and the machine structure itself, which is static error with time. CNC Lathe The error prediction model is relatively simple and can be effectively controlled by the compensation function of the system, and the thermal error Time variation is large, belonging to dynamic error, CNC Lathe error prediction model is complex, is the international research difficulties and hot spots.

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