CNC Lathe Strength And Stiffness

- Sep 29, 2017-

CNC machine tools in order to be able to complete a single workpiece in the multi-channel processing steps to shorten the auxiliary time to reduce the installation of the workpiece caused by the error, must be equipped with automatic tool changer. Automatic tool changer should meet the tool change time is short, CNC Lathe the tool repeat positioning accuracy is high, the tool storage is enough, the knife area is small and safe and reliable basic requirements.

Rotary turret is one of the most simple automatic tool changer, commonly used in CNC lathes. Can be designed into a square knife, hexagonal turret or disc-type axial tool holder and other forms. Rotary turret installed on the four, six or more of the tool, and according to the instructions of the NC device tool change.

The rotary turret must have good strength and rigidity in the structure to withstand the cutting resistance during roughing. Since the machining accuracy depends largely on the position of the tool nose, for the CNC lathe, the tool position is not manually adjusted during processing, CNC Lathe so it is more necessary to select a reliable positioning scheme and a reasonable positioning structure to ensure that the rotary knife The frame has the highest possible repeatability (typically 0.001 to 0.005 mm) after each transposition.

The spindle head has both horizontal and vertical, usually with the turret of the turret to replace the spindle head to achieve automatic tool change. On each spindle of the turret, CNC Lathe the rotary tool required for each process is pre-installed. When the tool change command is issued, the main shaft heads are sequentially turned to the machining position and the main movement is turned on to cause the corresponding spindle to rotate the tool. While the other spindle in the non-processing position is disengaged from the main movement.

This replacement of the spindle tool change device, eliminating the need for automatic loose, folder, unloading knife, tooling and tool handling and a series of complex operations, thus reducing the tool change time and improve the reliability of the tool change. However, CNC Lathe due to the spatial position of the constraints, so that the spindle component structure size can not be too large, thus affecting the rigidity of the spindle system. In order to ensure the rigidity of the spindle, you must limit the number of the spindle, otherwise it will increase the size of the structure. Therefore, the turret spindle head is usually only applicable to less process, CNC Lathe the accuracy requirements are not too high machine tools, such as CNC drilling, milling and so on.

As the rotary turret, the turret head-type tool changer to accommodate the number of tools can not be too much, can not meet the complex parts of the processing needs, therefore, CNC Lathe automatic tooling CNC machine tools with more automatic tool changer tool. The automatic tool changer with magazine is made up of magazine and tool changer, and the tool change process is complicated. First of all, CNC Lathe the tool used in the processing of all the tools were installed in the standard handle, the size of the machine outside the pre-adjusted, CNC Lathe according to a certain way into the magazine. When the tool change, the first knife in the knife selection, and then by the tool changer from the magazine or spindle to remove the tool, the exchange, CNC Lathe the new knife into the spindle, the old knife back to the magazine. The magazine has a large capacity, CNC Lathe either on the side or above the spindle box. As a result of the automatic tool changer with a tool changer, there is only one spindle in the spindle box of the CNC machine, and the stiffness of the spindle part is high to meet the precision machining requirements.

In addition, the number of tools within the magazine, CNC Lathe which can be complex parts of the multi-process processing, greatly improving the adaptability of the machine and processing efficiency. The automatic tool changer system with tool magazine is suitable for CNC drilling center and machining center.

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