CNC Lathe Processing Of Workpieces

- Jun 21, 2017-

With the end mill in the CNC machine tools on the workpiece, you can clearly see the center of the tool track and the workpiece profile does not coincide, this is because the workpiece profile is formed by the end mill movement envelope. The center of the end mill is called the tool point of the tool (4,5 coordinate CNC machine tool is called the tool position vector), CNC Lathe the tool point of the tool point represents the movement path of the tool. CNC Lathe In the NC machining, according to the workpiece contour size of the preparation process, or according to the knife point of the trajectory size of the preparation process, which should be handled according to specific circumstances.

In the full-featured CNC machine tools, the CNC system has tool compensation function, according to the workpiece contour size of the preparation process, the establishment of the implementation of the knife after the NC system automatically calculated, the tool point automatically adjusted to the tool movement trajectory. Directly using the workpiece size of the preparation process, tool wear, replace the processing program unchanged, so the use of simple and convenient.

Economical CNC machine tools are simple, low prices, CNC Lathe in the production enterprises have a certain amount of ownership. In the economical CNC machine tool system, if there is no tool compensation function, only the cutting point of the movement of the track size of the preparation process, which requires the first according to the workpiece size and tool diameter to calculate the knife point of the track size. So the calculation is large, complex, and the tool wear, replacement need to re-calculate the knife point of the track size, CNC Lathe re-preparation of processing procedures.

CNC lathe tool compensation function includes tool position compensation and tool radius compensation. In the processing program with the T function specified, T *** X in the first two XX for the tool number, the latter two XX for the tool compensation number, such as T0202. If the tool compensation number is 00,

(1) Tool position compensation The tool position change caused by wear or re-installation of the tool, the establishment and execution of the tool position compensation, CNC Lathe the processing program does not need to be re-compiled. The method is to measure the location of each tool and input to the specified memory, the program executes the tool compensation command, the actual position of the tool instead of the original location.

(2) Tool radius compensation When the CNC lathe machining program is programmed, the tool nose is regarded as a point (false tip P), but in fact, in order to improve the tool life and reduce the workpiece surface roughness, The knife tip is ground into a radius of the arc (tip AB arc), CNC Lathe which will produce the workpiece shape error. On the other hand, the position of the tool nose arc, the shape of the tool on the workpiece processing will also have an impact, and these can be used to solve the radius of the tool radius. The shape and position parameters of the tool are called the tool nose orientation, with the parameters 0 to 9, CNC Lathe P point for the theoretical knife point.

(3) Tool compensation parameters Each tool offset number corresponds to tool position compensation (X and Z value) and tool radius compensation (R and T values) for 4 parameters, which are input to the corresponding memory before processing, The In the automatic execution process, CNC Lathe the numerical control system according to the memory of the X, Z, R, T value, automatically correct the tool position error and automatic tool nose radius compensation.

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