CNC Lathe Precision Requirements

- Aug 10, 2017-

The rationality of machine tool design determines its service life and can show good stability and excellent maneuverability in harsh environment. For manufacturing and assembly process, CNC Lathe it is to implement and carry out the designer to complete the whole manufacturing process of a system engineering, manufacturing and assembly process determines the final static geometric accuracy and dynamic accuracy of the machine tool, for the NC machine tool This link is more important.

NC Gantry Five Machining center is the ideal choice for machining parts and complex parts of the cavity, CNC Lathe but it is very difficult to keep the accuracy of the new machine tools in line with the accuracy of the factory pre-acceptance when it is installed in the user location.

At present, this machine tool bed and column connection has two typical forms, CNC Lathe one is two columns directly and the bed connection, and through the beam connection to form the whole frame structure, thus can achieve in the strong cutting high rigidity. In the two-time installation process is easier to find the machine bed and column of the mutual position, will not cause installation dislocation and deviation. CNC Lathe However, in the actual application process, the deformation of the machine bed will be caused by the change of temperature, which will lead to the forward or backward of the two columns, especially the precision of the coaxial degree can be seriously affected when machining the box parts.

The other is the machine tool bed and the column is not directly connected form, CNC Lathe its greatest advantage is to avoid temperature problems affect the processing accuracy of products. However, the problem is that the machine bed and the position of the column are more difficult to locate, CNC Lathe because Germany  Fort CNC gantry Five Machining center column form of special, irregular triangle, two columns four rails and not on the same plane, which brings great difficulties to the installation, so the use of a machine tool bed and column of multi-directional freedom Control installation process. Control the freedom of the two-column four-plane guideway and the guide of the bed, ensure the vertical straightness of the guideway and ensure that the bed guide is in the center of the two columns, using the process device of FIG. 3, both sides of the device are fixed on the process surface of the column through the processing of the two root end, and it is a pipe with equal length, and the other end is parallel with the bed guide, CNC Lathe and has the same clearance.

This ensures the installation accuracy and overcomes the rotation of the two columns themselves. In the control of the position of the two columns relative to the guide front and back of the bed, the same high ruler is fixed on the surface which is machined and parallel to the two column rails and has a size requirement. CNC Lathe By the high ruler to measure the relative bed guide on the surface of the process hole on the processing of the location of the pin distance, so as to determine the position of the two columns, CNC Lathe and finally after the precise adjustment can be achieved by the factory standards and requirements.

The function parts of the machine tool reflect the overall strength of a country in the equipment manufacturing industry, and the long-term quality of a machine tool is stable and the service is good or bad, reflecting the whole level of a factory. In today's situation, CNC Lathe the factory is the best time to upgrade the technical level the early period for the quantity and ignore the quality of the problem as soon as possible to solve, CNC Lathe to the user has a good reputation, to be in the manufacturer to form a "the first without my equipment is the user your fault, the second one no longer need my equipment is the manufacturer of the wrong" sales philosophy. Figure 10, fig. CNC Lathe 11 is the quality problem of the functional components which causes the machine tool not to work normally.

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