CNC Lathe Feature

- Nov 06, 2017-

Nc lathe is one of the most widely used CNC machine tools. It is mainly used for shaft parts or plate parts inside and outside the cylinder, taper Angle of inside and outside the cone surface, complex rotary inside and outside surface and cylindrical, conical thread cutting, and can carry out cutting, drilling, reaming, reaming, boring, etc.

The CNC machine tool is prepared according to the prefabricated processing procedure, automatically processing the parts processed. We put the parts of the processing craft route, process parameters and tool trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters and auxiliary functions, in accordance with the instruction code and procedures prescribed by the CNC machine format write into the processing program list, then this program list the contents of the records in the control medium, and then input to the numerical control machine tool numerical control device, thereby command machine parts.

Daily maintenance of CNC lathe

1, every day completes various rail surface clean and smooth, with automatic lubrication system of machine tools, cleaning, the automatic lubrication system should be inspected regularly and check the oil, add lubricating oil in time, check whether the oil pump is timing start preview and stop;

2. Check whether the automatic lubrication system of the main shaft is normal, and replace the main shaft box oil regularly;

3. Check to check whether the cooling fan in the cabinet is working properly.

4. Pay attention to check the cooling system, check the level of the liquid level, fill in the oil or water in time, and clean the oil and water when it is dirty;

5. Pay attention to check the spindle drive belt and adjust the degree of slack;

6. Pay attention to check the tightness of guide rail and adjust the clearance;

7. Pay attention to check whether there is abnormal noise in the oil tank pump of the machine tool hydraulic system, whether the working oil level is suitable, the pressure gauge indicates whether normal, the pipeline and the joints are not leaking;

8. Pay attention to check whether the guide rail and machine tool protection cover are fully valid;

9. Check the mechanical precision of the moving parts, reduce the shape and position deviation;

10. Cleaning the machine after work every day, cleaning iron filings, cleaning the cooling fluid of the guide rail, and preventing rusting of the guide rail.


1. High productivity of CNC lathes

Numerical control lathes are many times more productive than normal equipment. Especially for the processing of certain complex parts, productivity can be increased by a factor of ten or even dozens of times. The reason for the high productivity of CNC lathes is:

(1) the numerical control equipment (such as CNC lathe) can be used to reduce the cutting time in machining effectively.

(2) it has the functions of automatic changing speed, automatic changing of the knife and other auxiliary operation, and without the inspection and measurement of the process, the auxiliary time is greatly reduced:

(3) CNC lathe process focus, multi-use of CNC machining center, after a clamping can almost all complete parts of process, not only can reduce the clamping error, also may reduce the turnover of semi-finished products (including transportation, measurement, etc.), productivity is more apparent.

2. Alleviate the labor frontier and improve the working conditions

Nc equipment work is based on good processing program is done automatically and continuously advance, keyboard, in addition to the input process, operators, carries on the key process in the middle of the loading and unloading workpieces measurement and watch the equipment running, without heavy on repeat manual operation, has improved working conditions and labor intensity.

3. Conducive to the production management of CNC lathes

Use numerical control to set up the time to accurately calculate the production of products, and effectively simplify the management of inspection, fixture and semi-finished products. Nc machine tool nc equipment adopts CNC information standard code input, to connect with computer, computer control and management of small batch production is system, realize the automation of manufacturing and production management.

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