CNC Lathe Development Of

- Jul 04, 2017-

At present, CNC Lathe the rapid development of CNC machine tools, high-speed, high-precision, composite, intelligent, open, parallel drive, network, extreme, green has become the development trend of CNC machine tools and direction. China as a manufacturing power, mainly rely on labor, prices, CNC Lathe resources and other aspects of comparative advantage, and in product innovation and independent development of foreign counterparts with the gap is still great. China's CNC industry can not be satisfied with the status quo, CNC Lathe should seize the opportunity to continue to develop, and strive to develop their own advanced technology, increase technological innovation and personnel training efforts to improve the comprehensive service capabilities, and strive to shorten the gap between developed countries. And strive to achieve the early realization of CNC machine tool products from low to high-end, CNC Lathe from the processing of primary products to sophisticated manufacturing products to achieve the transformation from China to China to create, from manufacturing to power to change the manufacturing power.

With the automotive, defense, aviation, aerospace and other industries and the rapid development of aluminum and other new materials, the application of CNC machine tools, CNC Lathe high-speed processing requirements are getting higher and higher.

(1) spindle speed: the machine uses the spindle (built-in spindle motor), CNC Lathe the maximum spindle speed of 200000r / min;

(2) feed rate: at a resolution of 0.01μm, the maximum feed rate of 240m / min and can obtain complex surface precision machining;

(3) the speed of operation: the rapid development of the microprocessor system for the high-speed, high-precision direction to provide a guarantee for the development of the CPU has been developed to 32-bit and 64-bit CNC system, the frequency increased to hundreds of megahertz, CNC Lathe thousands megahertz. As the operation speed greatly improved, so when the resolution of 0.1μm, 0.01μm can still get up to 24 ~ 240m / min feed rate;

(4) tool change speed: the current foreign advanced processing center tool exchange time is generally in 1s or so, the high has reached 0.5s. Germany Chiron company will design the basket into a basket style to the spindle as the axis, the tool in the circular layout, CNC Lathe the knife to the knife tool change time is only 0.9s.

CNC machine tool accuracy requirements are now not limited to static geometric accuracy, machine tool movement accuracy, thermal deformation and vibration monitoring and compensation more and more attention.

(1) to improve the accuracy of CNC system control: the use of high-speed interpolation technology to achieve a small program block continuous feed, CNC Lathe  control unit refinement, CNC Lathe and the use of high-resolution position detection device to improve the location detection accuracy (Japan has developed 106 pulse / turn of the built-in position detector AC servo motor, the position detection accuracy can reach 0.01μm / pulse), position servo system using feedforward control and nonlinear control and other methods;

(2) the use of error compensation technology: the use of backlash compensation, screw pitch error compensation and tool error compensation technology, CNC Lathe the equipment of the thermal deformation error and spatial error of comprehensive compensation. The results show that the application of integrated error compensation technology can reduce the machining error by 60% ~ 80%.

(3) the use of grid inspection and improve the machining center of the trajectory accuracy, CNC Lathe and through simulation to predict the machining accuracy of the machine to ensure the positioning accuracy and repeat the positioning accuracy, long-term stability of its performance can be completed under different operating conditions Kind of processing tasks, and to ensure the quality of processing parts.

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