CNC Lathe Composition

- Aug 21, 2017-

CNC lathe, turning center is a high - precision and efficient automatic machine tool.Equipped with multi-station dao tower or power tower, the machine will have a wide range of processing technology, performance can be processed straight cylindrical, slash cylinder, circular arc and a variety of thread, groove, worm and other complex artifacts, compensated by linear interpolation, arc interpolation function, and in the mass production of complex parts in good economic effect.

The CNC machine tool is prepared according to the prefabricated processing procedure, automatically processing the parts processed.We put the parts of the processing craft route, process parameters and tool trajectory, displacement, cutting parameters (spindle revolutions, feeding, turning back, etc.) as well as the auxiliary function (in knife, spindle forward, reverse, cutting fluid, etc.), in accordance with the instruction code and procedures prescribed by the CNC machine format write into the processing program list, then this application form on the contents of the records in the control medium (such as punched tape, tape, disk, magnetic bubble memory), and then input to the numerical control machine tool numerical control device, thereby command machine parts.

The process from the analysis of the part graph to the control medium is called nc program.Nc machine tools and common machine tool processing parts of the difference between nc machine tools is according to the program automatically machining parts, while the common machine tool to operate by the people, we just change control machine action program can achieve the purpose of processing different parts.As a result, CNC machines are especially suitable for small batch and complex shapes requiring high precision.

Since the CNC machine must process the parts according to the procedure, the programmer can then enter into the numerical control device to direct the machine tool.The input of the program is through the control medium.

Machine tool composition:

Host, he is the main body of CNC machine tool, including machine tool body, column, spindle, feed mechanism and other mechanical parts.He is a mechanical part used to complete all kinds of machining.

Numerical control device, is the core of the nc machine tool, including hardware (printed circuit board, CRT displays, the key box, paper tape reader, etc.), and the corresponding software is used to enter the digital parts of the program, and complete the input information storage, data transform, interpolation algorithm and implement various control functions.

Driving device, he is the driving part of the nc machine tool actuator, including spindle drive unit, feed unit, spindle motor and feed motor.He actuated the main shaft and feed drive through the electrical or electro-hydraulic servo system under the control of the numerical control device.The positioning, line, plane curve and space curve can be processed when several of them are connected.

Auxiliary equipment, some necessary supporting parts of the index control machine, to ensure the operation of CNC machine tools, such as cooling, cuttings, lubrication, lighting, monitoring, etc.It includes hydraulic and pneumatic device, chip removal device, exchange table, CNC turntable and nc dividing head, including tool and monitoring detection device.

Programming and other ancillary equipment that can be used to prepare, store, etc.

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