CNC Lathe Characteristics Of The Requirements

- Aug 03, 2017-

Many CNC machine tools use the spindle as an auxiliary device, CNC Lathe such as CNC lathe spindle to drive the workpiece rotation, the use of non-rotating turning tool processing of rotating parts of the workpiece; CNC machining center or CNC milling machine using spindle-driven rotary tool processing parts; CNC grinding machine some more complex In some cases, the grinding wheel spindle drives the rotating grinding wheel to rotate the workpiece that is driven by the workpiece spindle. Therefore, CNC Lathe the CNC machine tool spindle failure maintenance methods and techniques are also CNC machine maintenance personnel must master the knowledge.

Although different types of CNC machine tools used in different spindle types, CNC Lathe but in general, CNC machine tool spindle system has the following four types

The rotation of the spindle motor is reduced by the variable speed gear, CNC Lathe increasing the output torque to meet the requirements of the output torque characteristics at low speed. Most of the movement of the slip gears is either by means of hydraulic cylinders or by hydraulic cylinders.

The spindle motor is driven by belt or synchronous toothed belt without gear transmission, thus avoiding vibration and noise caused by gear transmission. This type is suitable for high speed, CNC Lathe low torque and other characteristics of the requirements of the spindle

High speed through the belt directly to drive the spindle rotation; low speed, by another motor through the gear drive to drive the spindle rotation, gear down speed and expand the role of variable range. This increases the constant power area while overcoming the drawbacks of insufficient torque at low speed and insufficient utilization of the motor power.

This type of spindle is also commonly referred to as the spindle, CNC Lathe the motor itself is the spindle. This main drive mode greatly simplifies the spindle box and spindle structure, improve the stiffness of the spindle components, but the spindle output torque is small, the motor heat on the spindle a greater impact. CNC grinding machine are used in many ways this spindle, CNC Lathe the speed can reach tens of thousands of per minute, CNC Lathe the general spindle

The motors are cooled by a circulating water cooling system.

Most of the modern CNC machine tool spindle has a speed control function, the spindle speed control is in accordance with the NC system control instructions white action. In order to be able to meet the main drive speed and output torque requirements, CNC machine tools often use mechanical and electrical combination of the way, CNC Lathe that is, both motor and mechanical gears in two ways. Where the gears are decelerated to increase the output torque and use the gear shift to expand the speed range.

With such a variable speed machine is usually the use of motor stepless speed regulation, so that the main shaft gear box structure greatly simplified, but its low-speed output torque is often unable to meet the requirements of strong cutting machine tools. Therefore, CNC machine tools often use 1 ^ -4 gear speed and motor speed control combination of the way, the so-called sub-stepless variable speed. CNC Lathe The use of mechanical gears slow down, increasing the output torque, and the use of gear shift to expand the speed range.

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