CNC Lathe Approach

- Jul 13, 2017-

The Characteristics and Treatment of Economical CNC Lathe

Economical CNC lathe is a high-precision, CNC Lathe high-efficiency automated machine tools. Equipped with multi-station turret or power turret, with a wide range of processing performance, CNC Lathe can be processed linear cylindrical, diagonal cylinder, arc and a variety of threads, grooves, worms and other complex parts. Widely used in electrical appliances, instrumentation industry, automobile, CNC Lathe motorcycle accessories, fasteners, bearings, photographic equipment, film machinery, hardware tools watches, eyes, cultural and educational supplies, CNC Lathe electrical machinery, valves, gas pipe fittings and other high-precision complex parts processing Manufacturing,CNC Lathe  metal processing industry is the most efficient high-efficiency equipment.

Economical CNC lathes developed on the basis of ordinary lathes, CNC Lathe but the degree of automation has been greatly improved. Economical CNC lathe automatic control system is mainly composed of single-chip, through the control program, control the machine tool longitudinal and horizontal feed device and tool changer, automatic parts processing.

Economical CNC lathes are handled differently.CNC Lathe Economical CNC lathe program running end, the tool returns less than zero, the general cause of this phenomenon is mainly caused by the control system failure. The tool in the feed or in the processing requirements of low-speed operation, CNC Lathe when the stepper motor running speed is low, the use of low-voltage power supply, and procedures back to zero, requiring a quick return, then require stepper motor high-speed operation, the use of high-voltage drive power , So that the output torque increases, to ensure normal return to zero. Control high-voltage drive power output of a switch transistor, CNC Lathe when the switch transistor is damaged, the high-speed back to zero, the high-voltage power supply can not open, stepper motor output torque is not enough, resulting in zero return step, resulting in the tool to return to the origin, for this A fault change switch transistor can be eliminated.

(1) from the automatic CNC lathe machine to remove a circuit board, you should pay attention to record the corresponding location, the connection cable number, for the fixed installation of the circuit board, CNC Lathe should also be removed before and after the corresponding crimp parts And screws for recording. Remove the pressure parts and screws should be placed in a special box, so as not to lose, after assembly, CNC Lathe the box should be used in all things, otherwise the assembly is not complete.

(2) electric soldering iron should be placed in the forward, CNC Lathe away from the maintenance of circuit boards. The tip should be properly trimmed to accommodate the welding of the integrated circuit and avoid bumping other components when welding.

(3) to measure the resistance between the lines, CNC Lathe should be off the power supply, measured resistance should be red and black table pen exchange measurement twice to large value for the reference value.

(4) Most of the circuit board has a solder mask, CNC Lathe so the corresponding solder joint should be found as a test point. Do not remove the solder film. Some boards all have an insulating layer. Insulation.

(5) automatic CNC lathe should not be cut off the printed circuit. CNC Lathe Some maintenance personnel have a certain experience in home appliance repair, habit of disconnection check, but the CNC equipment on the circuit board are mostly double-sided metal or multi-hole hole plate, printed circuit fine and dense, once cut off is not easy to weld, and tangent Easy to cut off the adjacent line, and then some point, cut off a line, CNC Lathe and can not make it and the line from the need to cut off a few lines at the same time Caixing.

(6) should not be free to replace components. CNC Lathe Some maintenance personnel in the case of failure to determine the failure of the component is only a sense of that component is broken, and immediately replace the swap, so the false rate is higher, remove the components of the human damage rate is higher.

(7) Remove the components should be used to absorb tin and tin suction tin, avoid hard to take. Automatic CNC lathe The same pad should not be heated for a long time and repeated disassembly, CNC Lathe so as not to damage the pad.

(8) replace the new device, the pin should be properly handled, CNC Lathe welding should not use acid welding oil.

(9) record the switch on the line, jumper position, should not be arbitrarily changed. For more than two poles of the control check, or swap components, pay attention to marking the components on the board, CNC Lathe so as to avoid confusion, so that good board can not work.

(10) to check the power supply configuration and type of circuit boards, CNC Lathe according to the needs of inspection, can be powered or all power supply. CNC Lathe Should pay attention to high pressure, and some circuit boards directly connected to high pressure, or the board has a high voltage generator, CNC Lathe the need for proper insulation, the operation should pay special attention.

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