CNC Drilling Machine What Are The Main Applications?

- Oct 27, 2017-

CNC drilling machine is a versatile general purpose machine tool, the parts can be drilling, reaming, reaming, countersink and tapping and other processing. In the radial drilling machine with a process equipment, you can also boring; in the bench with a universal table, but also milling keyway.

Automobile, motorcycle and its parts industry is the representative of the mass production industry, need complete sets; efficient, high precision, high reliability CNC machine tools, production methods are from the direction of rigid automation. For example, the processing of automotive shell parts, the combination of automatic machine tool line to the high-speed machining center composed of flexible production line direction changes, while the shaft and disk parts processing to CNC lathes. CNC grinding machine as the basic equipment, automobile manufacturing industry is one of the fastest growing industries in China today, is also the largest CNC machine tool industry.

CNC drilling machine

Power generation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, heavy industry needs high precision dust, large special equipment. These devices tend to have higher prices. Requires special, more difficult, such as CNC gantry milling, CNC floor boring, large five-sided processing equipment. Aviation, aerospace and other industries need multi-coordinate, high-precision, complex surface processing equipment. These devices are mainly four-coordinate linkage above the plus center, turning center imitation milling and so on. The characteristics of these devices is a special feature of the software supporting the complex, often affecting the level of the machine. Such as the aeronautical industry, not only the aircraft structure and aerodynamic shape of the overall and the overall structure, the need for a lot of coordinates of high-speed CNC milling machine and vertical machining center, and the aircraft engine fuselage, impeller and leaves, must also use CNC machine tools In order to ensure processing quality and production efficiency. Although the use of machinery and machinery industry, although the situation is not the same with the aviation industry, but need to be based on its manufacturing technology in the NC processing on the basis of.

In the use of CNC drilling machine need to pay attention to what the problem

The use of CNC drilling time need to know some knowledge in advance, because in the course of the operation there are many relevant procedures, is not wrong. Before using CNC drilling machine, you should carefully read the machine manual and other relevant information in order to properly operate the machine, and note the following:

Machine operation, maintenance personnel must be the master of the machine tool to master the professional or technical training of personnel, and must be safe operating procedures and safe operation of the operating machine.

In addition to some parameters for users to use and can be changed, the other system parameters, spindle parameters, servo parameters, the user can not modify, otherwise the operator will bring equipment, workpieces, personal injury.

CNC drilling machine

Modify the parameters, the first processing, the machine does not install the tool and the workpiece in the case of machine lock, single block, etc. to test the operation, to confirm the normal use of machine tools.

Machine PLC program is the machine tool manufacturers need to design the machine, do not need to modify. Improper modification of the machine tool may cause damage to the machine and even damage the operator.

It is recommended that the machine run continuously for up to 24 hours. If the continuous running time is too long will affect the life of the electrical system and part of the mechanical device, which will affect the accuracy of the machine.

Machine all the connectors, connectors, etc., do not allow live pull, plug operation, otherwise it will cause serious consequences.

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