CNC Drilling Machine Processing Standard

- Nov 06, 2017-

CNC drilling machine is a versatile machine tool, which can be used for drilling, reaming, reaming, counterplane and tapping. When the radial drilling machine is equipped with process equipment, it can also bore the hole. It is equipped with thousands of table and keyway.

Automobile, motorcycle and its parts industry are representatives of mass production industry. High efficiency, high accuracy, high reliability nc machining machine, production mode is changing from rigid automation direction. Parts processing, such as car shell is combination machine tools automatic line gradually to the high speed machining center of flexible production line direction, and the axial and plate parts machining with CNC lathe. CNC grinding machine is the basic equipment, automobile manufacturing is one of the fastest growing industries in China, and also the largest user industry of CNC machine tools

Power generation, ship, metallurgy, heavy industry need high dust, large special equipment. These devices tend to have a higher unit price. The requirement is special, the difficulty is bigger, such as numerical control longmen milling, CNC ground boring, big five surface processing equipment and so on. The air and aerospace industries need multi-coordinate, high-precision and complex processing equipment. These equipments are mainly the center of the four coordinate linkage, the lathe center copy milling, etc. These devices are characterized by the complexity of special supporting technologies and often affect the level of the whole machine. Such as aviation industry not only most of the aircraft structure and aerodynamics and mining and the overall structure, need a lot of the high speed CNC milling machine and vertical machining center, and aircraft engine airframe, impeller and blade, also must use CNC machine to ensure machining quality and production efficiency. It is not the same as the aviation industry, but it is necessary to build the manufacturing technology on the basis of numerical control.

Numerical control drilling machine high - precision machining standard

The CNC drilling machine is a widely used one, which is characterized by the vertical arrangement of the spindle axis, and its position is fixed. In machining, the position of the tool must be adjusted to coincide with the center line of the processed hole. Vertical drilling machine is suitable for machining holes in small and medium workpieces. And machining accuracy is much higher than other drilling machines. The high precision machining standard of nc drilling machine is as follows:

1. CNC drilling machines are all copper core motors, and electric appliances are safe and reliable with the national 3C certification products.

2. The base large parts are cast with resin sand molding, no sand eye, no holes, and after aging treatment, the processing precision is high, with high precision.

3. All guide surfaces of CNC drilling machine are hardened and the main axis nitride disposal, delay the service life.

4. Ultrasonic quenching gear, wear-resisting, high hardness, noise, with tight CNC grinding gear and worm gear. Noise may be the quality of the test gear. Grinding, noiseless. In contrast, noise levels are above 100 decibels.

5. CNC drilling machines and electric appliances are all special switches for the machine.

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