CNC Drilling Machine Problems Should Be Paid Attention To In Use

- Sep 12, 2017-

CNC drilling machine is mainly used for drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping and other processing. In automobile, locomotive, shipbuilding, aerospace, engineering machinery industry; Especially for the super-long laminated plate, the drilling process of various large parts of large parts, such as longitudinal beam, structural steel, tubular parts, etc., is the first choice.


1: servo motor drives each coordinate movement, which is convenient, flexible and accurate.

2: the basic layout is: slide on the bed through mobile, unilateral open, simple and convenient structure, facilitate the artifacts and installation and sanitary cleaning after work, easy to maintain, cover an area of an area small, suitable for long pieces of processing and production.

3: the upright column of the sliding seat and the ordinary radial drilling machine use cylindrical upright posts, and the rocker arm can be raised up and down to facilitate the machining of the workpiece at different heights.

4: the main shaft 16 speed change, the cutting torque expands dozens of times, for the Morse taper hole, can directly install the drill bit.

5: the bed body is cast structure, but the multi-section lengthening, the user can choose or customize.

6: the X axis is the sliding seat movement using German inlet reducer, gear, rack, to ensure the stiffness and movement accuracy of the movement.

7: there is no protective drawing board to ensure the rack, grating ruler and mechanical and electrical switches are not contaminated.

8: the X axis adopts the imported original grating ruler to ensure the accuracy of the X-axis positioning.

9: adopt Siemens 802D CNC system, ac servo and rare earth permanent magnet motor, excellent performance, high reliability and safety and durability.

10: ultra-thin liquid crystal display, anti-greasy keyboard, elegant appearance.

Operating procedures

1. Before work carefully check the grid voltage, oil pump, lubrication, oil is normal, check the pressure, cooling, tubing, cutting tool, jig are in good condition, and the regular maintenance of machine tools.

2. The machine electricity starts, to mechanical operation back to zero, then the test run for 5 minutes, confirm the machinery, tools, jigs, artifacts, such as numerical control parameters is correct, can start to work normally.

3. Carefully check the programming, parameter setting, interference action sorting, cutting tool, workpiece clamping, switch protection link is completely correct, in order to avoid accident, damage was caused when the circulation processing cutting tools and related parts. Strictly follow the operation procedure to cut the knife, and after the commissioning completes the procedure protection work.

4. The automatic cycle processing, protective sliding door should be closed, at the same time in the spindle rotation need manual operation, you must see to it that your body and clothes away from rotating and moving parts, so as to avoid clothing involved in accidents.

5. The operation of the main shaft or the knife tower knife library must be carried out in the stop mode of the mechanical movement, and the coordination between the staff and the coordinators should be taken care of, so as to avoid accidents. When changing the knife or automatic knife, pay attention to the installation position of the knife tower, knife bank, mechanical arm rotation and cutter, and the body and head should be kept away from the cutting tool to avoid injury. For machining center machine tool, it is also necessary to check the corresponding relationship between the cutter number and cutter number, so as to prevent the chaos caused by the blade of the knife to cause the change of knife interference or the processing of the knife accident.

6. When the workpiece clamping clip, in order to avoid artifacts fly cause accident, after completion of the clamping out should pay attention to adjust the chuck spanner and other tools, lest the spindle rotation after throw cause an accident.

7. The operator of the machine tool should be able to handle the general alarm failure. If there is a serious failure, the operator should immediately cut off the power, and protect the scene, report it in time, and make a good record.

8. After the work is completed, guide rails and workbenches should be cleaned and carefully filled in the work log.

The use of CNC drilling machine should pay attention to the problem

1. The use environment of nc drilling machine: for nc drilling machine, it is best to put it in a constant temperature environment and away from the equipment (such as punching machine) and the equipment with electromagnetic interference.

2. The power supply requirements

3. The nc drilling machine should have operation procedure: regular maintenance, maintenance, failure to pay attention to the protection of the site, etc.

4. CNC drilling machine should not be sealed for long time

5. Pay attention to training and staffing, maintenance personnel and programmers

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