CNC Drilling Machine Of The Cuttings

- Jul 04, 2017-

1, CNC Drilling Machine in a timely manner to clean up the NC drilling machine drilling process in the production of cuttings. Check the screw and straight rails and other key parts at whether there are cuttings and other debris, and timely removal.

2, check the hydraulic system of oil quality is normal, CNC Drilling Machine and through the oil window to observe the hydraulic station hydraulic oil surface is to meet the needs of the work. Start the pump to check whether the hydraulic system pressure reaches the working pressure of 5-6MP.

3, check whether the lubrication system is working properly, and in accordance with the requirements of the work before the lubrication requirements, CNC Drilling Machine check the gear box gear oil to reach the liquid level standards.

4, check the cooling system to ensure that the cooling pump, cooling pipe work properly, the cooling fluid capacity to meet the needs of the work, CNC Drilling Machine in accordance with the cutting fluid mixing requirements blending coolant. (Try to use a good anti-rust cutting fluid).

5, check the spindle feed and rotation mechanism of the state, CNC Drilling Machine and timely adjustment of long-term work to produce the wear gap.

6, check the CNC drilling machine movement of the mechanical parts of the normal action, check the debris generated when drilling into it, and timely cleaning, to avoid damage to mechanical parts.

CNC drilling machine and CNC milling machine is an important equipment in circuit board processing, the equipment is expensive, the choice of CNC machine tools not only for operation, process setting and maintenance, including the quality of products for production are very important.

In order to make the machine has enough stability, CNC Drilling Machine rigid to avoid vibration Many manufacturers are using marble as a bed material, some Japanese manufacturers to use steel to do the bed, because the steel at different temperatures than the marble deformation, instability, Manufacturers

Will be used in the software to eliminate the deformation caused by the loss of precision. At present, most manufacturers are using natural marble or artificial marble as a bed, CNC Drilling Machine the proposed use of marble bed equipment, marble maintenance in the usual use of detergent and water scrub, not available alcohol. After wiping dry with a dry cloth, and other water can be completely volatile before work.

At present, there are two kinds of shafts for a rolling bearing speed up to 80,000 turn, the other for the air bearing speed up to 12 million turn. CNC Drilling Machine If the milling machine should be used roller bearings, CNC Drilling Machine because of its longitudinal bearing better than the air bearing, CNC Drilling Machine the drill chuck is also the focus of the procurement range of inspection, some drill chuck is not easy to replace maintenance difficulties, some drill chuck wear quickly became supplies and Replacement costs are expensive, CNC Drilling Machine and some require daily maintenance waste time. CNC Drilling Machine The presser foot of the shaft is also another, its life and design unreasonable can cause great trouble, CNC Drilling Machine such as between the shaft and the presser foot is not sealed caused by a large vacuum of the vacuum cleaner to make a waste of funds or the power of the central vacuum Waste, and there may be bad circuit board hole chip situation.

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