CNC Drilling Machine Major Decision

- Sep 25, 2017-

In the machine is mainly used to support the transmission parts such as gears, pulley, transmission movement and torque, such as CNC plane drill spindle; some used to clamp the workpiece, CNC Drilling Machine such as mandrel. The motion accuracy and structural rigidity of the spindle components are important factors in determining the processing quality and cutting efficiency.

Measurement of CNC drilling machine spindle components performance indicators are mainly rotation accuracy, stiffness and speed adaptability:

① Rotation accuracy:

The radial and axial runout (see the geometric tolerances) in the direction that affects the machining accuracy when rotating the spindle of the CNC machine depends primarily on the manufacture and assembly quality of the spindle and bearing.

② dynamic and static stiffness:

Mainly depends on the bending stiffness of the spindle, CNC Drilling Machine bearing stiffness and damping.

③ speed adaptability:

The maximum permissible speed and speed range are determined by the bearing structure and lubrication, as well as the thermal conditions.

Reduce the working temperature of the bearing, the usual way is to use lubricants. Lubrication methods are, oil and gas lubrication, oil circulation lubrication two.

In the use of these two ways to note the following points:

① in the use of oil circulation lubrication, to ensure that CNC drilling machine spindle fuel tank full enough.

② oil and gas lubrication and oil circulation is just the way the opposite, it is only filled with the bearing capacity of the percentage of space can be

The advantage of recirculating lubrication is that it is possible to reduce frictional heat generation and to absorb a portion of the heat of the spindle assembly in the case of lubrication.

CNC drilling machine and CNC milling machine is an important equipment in circuit board processing, the equipment is expensive, the choice of CNC machine tools not only for operation,CNC Drilling Machine  process setting and maintenance, including the quality of products for production are very important.

In order to make the machine have enough stability, rigid to avoid vibration Many manufacturers are using marble as the bed material, CNC Drilling Machine some Japanese manufacturers to use steel to do the bed, because the steel at different temperatures than the marble deformation, instability, Manufacturers

Will be used in the software to eliminate the deformation caused by the loss of precision. At present, most manufacturers are using natural marble or artificial marble as a bed, CNC Drilling Machine the proposed use of marble bed equipment, marble in the usual maintenance of the use of detergent and water wipe

Wash, not use alcohol. CNC Drilling Machine After wiping dry with a dry cloth, and other water can be completely volatile before work.

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