What is Swiss Screw Machines?

- Mar 04, 2016-

What is Swiss Screw Machines?


Cnc Swiss Screw Mahcine is also called CNC Turnig Machine,and is automatic Cnc lathe which can machine turned parts. It was called a screw machine because it originally was used to make screws,pins, slender parts though it has been adapted to make many other kinds of parts.

CNC Swiss screw machines functioned with a disc cam that rotates tools to work bays within the machining center. The disc cam moves the production part along the tool so that machining always takes place very close to the spindle collet. The allows the machine to produce parts with very close tolerances due to lessened vibration along the part length as compared with a turret style lathe which has tools move to the rotating part.

SWISS CNC LATHE – Note: The main spindle, on the right, has a part being cut with a stationary tool that is held vertically, while the sub-spindle has another part, which has work being done on the other end.



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