What is advantage of Swiss CNC Machine Tool?

- Mar 06, 2018-

What is advantage of Swiss CNC Machine Tool?

Because the structure of the swiss type automatic lathe is different from the traditional CNC lathe, the efficiency and machining precision of swiss lathe are higher than that CNC lathe. Take dual spindle with biaxial arrangement of tool, greatly saves the processing cycle time, exchange time method and tool to the machine tool by shortening the tools, multi tools station overlap and thread chip effective axial moving overlapping functions, direct spindle indexing function two times during processing, shorten the vacuum time. The cutting tool plays a very important role in the machining process of spindle and workpiece clamping parts. It provides a strong guarantee for constant machining accuracy. In the view of swiss cnc machine market, 38mm is its largest processing diameter, which makes the swiss lathe occupies a great advantage in the precision shaft machining market.

This series CNC machine can also be equipped with automatic feeder, automatic processing, automatic feeding, automatic production of single swiss cnc machine, reduces the labor cost and the production process of bad products, precision shaft parts can be used to produce in large quantities, suitable for larger "slender shaft parts" and "" small "abnormity" parts of the large quantity and variety, high precision machining task. This cycle until the rod finishing automatic alarm, truly realize one man to operate more than 10 machines mode, greatly saving the labor cost.

The machine is equipped with 4 standard power-driven tools, 5 turning tools, 4 end face turning tools, a feed processing can be completed at the same time: turning, cone, ellipse, internal and external thread realize stepless indexing function, plane, plane milling, milling can be rotated to what do you want to go to any angle milling machining slotted, helical groove, groove cutting, side drilling, eccentric hole, tapping, lettering, knurling, etc. to process. It saves two times milling, drilling and other two processing. The accuracy and efficiency are improved. Two processing equipment and manual labor have been saved. Breaking the traditional cnc machine tool only can do turning or milling.

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