Thermal deformation is one of the reasons that affect the accuracy of CNC swiss machine

- Jan 16, 2018-

CNC swiss type lathe by the workshop environment temperature changes, motor heating and mechanical friction and heat, cutting heat and cooling medium, resulting in uneven temperature rise of the various parts of the machine, leading to changes in machine tool shape accuracy and machining accuracy.
In the constant temperature conditions, the error can be reduced to 40m.
For another example, a precision double-end grinder for double-end grinding of thin steel plate pieces with a thickness of 0.6-3.5 mm can achieve the dimensional accuracy of mm when the steel plate workpiece of 200 mm* 25 mm *1.08 mm is machined during acceptance. However, after continuous automatic grinding for 1h, the size range was increased to 12m, and the coolant temperature increased from 17 degress to 45 degress at startup. Accordingly, the machine coolant tank to add a 5.5kW refrigerator, the effect is very satisfactory.

However,the swiss machine is in an environment where the temperature changes everywhere. The CNC swiss lathe must consume energy at work, and a considerable portion of these energies will be transformed in various ways.

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