Operation rules for Swiss-type Automatic Lathe

- Jan 30, 2018-

Operation rules for Swiss-type Automatic Lathe

The operation rule of swiss-type lathe is one of the important measures to ensure the safe operation of CNC machine tools. Operators must strictly operate according to the operation rules, so as to ensure personal safety and smooth operation of machine tools.

The following items for CNC Swiss lathes opertation  should be paid attention to:

1, operation procedures, clearly specify the order of starting and shutting down and matters needing attention, for example, after starting, we must manually or automatically control the test points by machine control.

2, before the start, please read the warning signs on the CNC swiss machine and strictly enforced.

3, the machine is running, the operator shall not open and close the electric cabinet door;

4. Take care of the collision between the tool and the workpiece when moving each axis.

5. In programming, we should pay attention to the sequence of each axis in the tool movement.

6. The compensation of each tool's wear of each tool is different, and it must be returned to the safety distance when changing the tools.

7, refueling must check the material diameter, the diameter is too large to help prevent material mouth (chuck) stuck and crash.

8, Auto feeder in manual mode or using a simple feeder, be sure to check whether the material is long enough to prevent underfeeding and crash.

9. During the operation of Swiss type cnc lathes, the parameters should not be modified at will.

10. When cnc machine is running normally, it is forbidden to press the following buttons: the quick stop switch, the reset switch and so on.

11. After the power break is restarted, it is necessary to move each shaft to the processing point manually or MDI mode, otherwise the car may be hit.

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