CNC Drilling Machining Center T-5

CNC Drilling Machining Center T-5

Advantage●Integration molding grey iron●Direct-Link Spindle with high efficiency●High rigid Tapping without transmission backlash

Product Details

5 axis small Drilling Machine /CNC Drilling Machining Center t-5

Main Specification   

Main Spindle Speed:12000 rpm

Main Spindle Power:5.5KW

Main Spindle Type:BT30

XYZ Travel: 500 x 400 x 300

Tools quantities: 16

Rapid Feed Speed: 48/48/48m/min

Table Size:650 x 400

CNC Drilling Machining Center T-5.jpg

Techincal Specification

T5 cnc drilling machine01.png

T5 cnc drill mill machine 02.png

T5 cnc drilling machining center03.jpg

Quality Assurance   

t5 cnc machining center testing equipment.png

Some Samples

cnc drilling machining sample parts.png

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