Swiss Type CNC Automatic Lathe TCKZ-20

Swiss Type CNC Automatic Lathe  TCKZ-20

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Product Details

TCKZ-20 High precision Swiss-type CNC Automatic Lathe


* Economy and Practicability, pursuit of high precision, high cost performance of machine tools   

* Pace saving compact design, only 2.75 square meters of floor space   

* With gang-type structure tools,more faster and reliable

* Optimized chip removal function

Selectable modules to improve your productivity

swiss lathe tools.JPG

Control axis:  3+1     control axis: 3+2     control axis:  3+3      control axis:  3+3

Gany type tools:9     gangtype tools:6     gangtype tools:6       gangtype tools:5

fixed drill,boring tools:3fixed drill,boring tools:3fixed drill,boring tools:-     fixed drill,boring tools:2    

Side rotary tools: -    rotary tools:3   rotary tools:5       rotary tools:3

End face rotary tools:2

Photo of inside structure:

swiss lathe(single spindle).jpg

Technical spcification:

TCKZ-20 swiss machine spec1.png swiss lathe spec.png

todaycnc cnc swiss lathe configuration.png

Machining Part by Swiss CNC Lathe samples

single spindle swiss machining parts.jpg

swiss machining parts-auto parts-medical parts.jpg

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