Dual Spindle Swiss Type CNC Automatic Lathe, 26mm, CNC Horizontal Machine, High Precision Rigidity Swiss CNC Lathe

Dual Spindle Swiss Type CNC Automatic Lathe, 26mm, CNC Horizontal Machine, High Precision Rigidity Swiss CNC Lathe

Product Details

Basic Info

Model NO.:TCNZ-26DApplication:Metal
Numerical Control:CNC/MNCProcessing Precision:±0.05mm
Performance Classification:Economical CNC Machine ToolsCertification:GS, CE, ISO 9001
Specification:CE, ROHS, GSTrademark:todaycnc

TCNZ-26D is a very competitive middle-end cnc machine tools, able to produce complex parts. It uses a unique structure, can be rough and precision machinin. Adopted Modular tool system, to achieve a perfect balance between performance and efficiency, and greatest extent to meet customer needs.


·         High rigidity,high speed rotation,high speed movement,no vibration clamping

·         Dual spindle design,spindle and sub spindle could machining simultaneously.Through-hole spindle,it can operate steadily

·         High speed and precision machining from short to long workpiece, to matchwith the workpiece, havetwo effects for one machine.Guide sleeve spindle(long workpiece) and no guide sleeve spindle (short workpiece) can easy convert.

·         Block-based Tools design,could achieve the precision drilling,tapping and milling for all kindls of shafts.

·         Install 19 Tools,6 for combo turning tools,4 for side rotating,5 for front drilling,4 for back drilling.Large number of tools,could carry on multi tools processing.

·         4 axis or 5 axis lathe with easy operation,high efficiency,powerful.With X1,Y1,Z1,X2,Z2,C1,C2(optional Y2) 7 control axis.

·         Large capacity chip bucket, can easy to clean and reduce cleaning frequency,cut down labor costs accordingly.

·         Anti oil leak structure design,more clean production environment

Applicable industries

Application for aviation, aerospace, military industry, automotive, motorcycle, communications, medical,refrigeration, optical,

electrical appliances, micro electronics, electronics, watches,Fax Machine,Printer,Dental,Locks and other industries for large

volume mass-production,high-precision, complex processing of turning,milling processing.

Applicable materials

All kinds of metal. Such as Titanium alloy,Aluminum,Copper,Carbon steel,Stainless Steel,Zinc alloy,UHWM,so on.

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