Double Spindle Swiss CNC Machines SZ-206E

Double Spindle Swiss CNC Machines SZ-206E

SZ-206E Double Spindle Swiss-type Auto Lathe Advantage Todaycnc focus on manufacturing industry in various fields around the world to provide CNC products with superior performance and efficient processing solution,to guarantee the every set of machining tool can achievethe high precision...

Product Details

SZ-206E Double Spindle Swiss CNC Machines

The SZ Series high precision CNC Swiss Automatics Lathe offer the and features as the SQC, with 10,000 rpm main spindle, and a smaller footprint.


Todaycnc focus on manufacturing industry in various fields around the world to provide CNC products 

with superior performance and efficient processing solution,to guarantee the every set of machining

 tool can achievethe high precision standard,stability and precision maintenance,it adopts the advanced 

production process in the casting of bed structrue parts,heat aging treatment of the cast.high precision 

prcessing of parts,and high-frequency quenching of key parts,and the high degree cleaning of key parts 

and constant temperature dust-free assembly of precision parts before the assembly.


Strict testing procedure

Strict internal quality control standards to realize the strict manitoring on the whole processs of 

machine tool design and manufacturing.45 testing item,632 pointsof quality control,48 hours running-in load

and processing test with three-coordinate measuring machine,RENISHAW laser interferometer,IGMA field

dynamic balancing instrumnetand vortex sensou-ISO230-3 to guarantee the precision control of all the detail.


dynamic balance testing instrument


Laser interferometer


cubic element

High-end&precise Processing Machine


MITSUBISHI Five-face gantry  milling machine 


OKUMA horizontal machining center

(Only two company have this machine in China)

accembly workshop

todaycnc swiss lathe factory.png

Relaible Service system

Holds the operation ideas of “cutomer first and mximal value for customers”,porvides the high-quality   

products and whole processing solutions for users in all fields of manufacturing by the perfect and

 reliable service system and assist user in solving the high-complicated processing problems to 

guarantee the maximal value of the machine tool and create wider profit.



Double Spindle Swiss Lathe

swiss cnc machine-todaycnc.png

We are always looking for ways to improve our CNC lathe and bring more value for dear customers.

Main Feature

New generation,innovative technology,excellent improvement,efficiency promotion

  • comprehensive upgrade of function and


  • high strength structure,symmetrical layout

  • high rigid and high stable machining

  • High satble control system(LNC/SYNTEC

    /FANUC system for optional)

  • Overall improvement of servo motor power 

    satisfies the needs of high load performance

swiss type lathe tools-todaycnc.png


  • synchronous linkage guide sleeve of high precision spindle

    with guide sleeve,could prcess long and thin workpiece

  • economizing non-guide sleeve mode

    without guide sleeve,it can shorten tailing economically with 

  functions of stamping and forge material,etc 


cnc machine-swiss lathe guide sleeve.png

Spindle Drive System

It improves spindle cutting load and machining rigidly by unique and high rigid build-in motor spindle

Improved the system structure of spindle drive by taking the

advantageof motor spindle in domestic CNC lathe industry.

Itstrengthens the radical stability via adopting NSK/SKF

precision bearing and structureof 3 front 2 back supported 

pattern to realize stronger cutting.To lower the thermal 

thermal deformantion of spindle.compared with original air

cooling spndle structure,the new one employs a more stable

structure design of oil cooling pattern to ensure the precise 

stability of spindle.

swiss lathe-main spindle.png

System of large capacity cutting oil/chipping collect tank

Considering from the customer convinience and maximum efficiency 

vlue.reduces the waste the effective cutting in auxiliary time of 

producing procedure.improves the new type of cutting oil chipping 

collect tank and efficiency of machine.and inceases customer's 

return rate of investment

  • Ensure the safety of long time continuous operation with a maximum capacity of 18L cutting oil.Reduce the chipping cleaning freq and improves the stuff utilization encr mously with a maximum store room of the same kind of machines.

  • easy to clean with the design of separate structure,large opening clean window

  • Make producing enviroment cleaner with the design of multi level anti leaking structure.


Control of stabillity and rigidity

Lathe bed was important to guarantee the machining stability

Using first class gray iron HT300 of high grade,high strength and high abrasive resistance to ensure the stability of machine's rigidity perferably.

symmetric layout of lathe bed is optimized via limited analytical method to create the best foundation platform for the lathe.

cnc lathe bed.png

Positive/passive safety protection system


To avoid unqualified products yield by machine due to damages from abrasion of cutting tools or other circumstances,added the material cutting detection function whitch averts unnecessary loss caused by cutting tool's abrasion.

In addition,broken tap detector for option.

Control System

* Brand new opeate panel brings your fresh operation feeling.10.4” color led liquid crystal display is adapted to the workshop's environment.LCE with high brightness and contrast ratio owns a broad angle view,better visuality and it doesn't fade in bright environment.Large screen realizes.the display of more content in a single page,making operation more intultive.

swiss lathe with FANUC system-todaycnc.png

New product develops and employs the function of power counting break off initially.compared with old roducts.its unattended function becomes more obvious.For honorable allows you to leave the machine for other important work if you need.

* CS outline and multi-axes combined controls improve the machining ability of complicate parts successfully.solving the problem of wasting time completely.

* Multiple system optional modes for different customer are provided.FANUC,SYNTEC,LNC.We aim to provide you more options and better service.

swiss cnc machine-synchronous main and subspindle.png

Tools construction

swiss type lathe-tools construction-todaycnc.png


Route interferogram

cnc swiss route interferogram-todaycnc.pngcnc machine interferogram.png

Technical Specification

dual spindle swiss lathe techincal spec.pngSwiss cnc machine spec2.png

Lathe Configuration

swiss lathe spec03.pngswiss lathe spec04.png

Process sample parts

swiss machining parts01.png

swiss machining parts02.png

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