Multi Swiss CNC Machines Lathe TCNZ-26D

Multi Swiss CNC Machines Lathe TCNZ-26D

Advantage●High rigidity●high speed rotation●high speed movement●no vibration clamping

Product Details

Dual Spindle Multi Swiss Turning CNC Screw  Machines Lathe  TCNZ-26D

Main Specification 

Max Spindle Speed:100~6000 rpm

Max Turning Length: 245mm

Max Machining diameter: ø2~32 mm

Spindle Motor:3.0KW

Tools quantities: 18

NC Device:SYNTEC(Mitsubishi ,FAUNC Optional)

Main Configuration    

Taiwan SYNTEC,Japan's MITSUBISHI, FANUC for optional

Japan's MITSUBISHI, FANUC or SIEMENS spindle motor, motor and drive shaft three

Japan’s YASKAWA spindle motor and axle motor servo

Germany’s SKF, or Japanese THK guide rail 

Taiwan’s PMI ball screw

Japan’s NSK bearing

France’s Electric Switch and Electric Relay SCHNEIDER

Taiwan’s Penumatic system AirTAC

Taiwan’s Cooling System

Technical SpecificationTCNZ-26D swiss lathe spec1.png

TCNZ-26D swiss lathe spec2.png

todaycnc tcnz026D cnc swiss spec03.png

TCNZ-26D swiss machine spec04.png

TCNZ-26D swiss screw machine spec05.png

Quality Assurance

swiss lathe quality testing.png

Some Samples 

swiss machining parts.png