Small Swiss Type CNC Lathe (TCKZ-20)

Small Swiss Type CNC Lathe (TCKZ-20)

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Basic Info

Model NO.:TCKZ-20    
Process Usage:Metal-Cutting CNC Machine Tools

This is a kind of general-purpose, high-precision and high-speed sliding headstock CNC Automatic lathe. Provision of total-travel synchronous rotary guide bush, high-precision spindle and large steady bed.User friendly interface is more conductive to the user's use and operation. Multiple options of function including synchronal rotary guide sleeve,receiver,auto-feeder,chuck, driving tool, etc. could achieve one-step machining,no need for improving productivity. They are widely used in machining of the long-axis parts of electronics/electrical appliances, communication equipment, fax machines photocopiers, automobiles, etc

Item TCKZ-20
through hole diameter 20 mm
spindle travel 230mm
rapid feed speed 16m /min
spindle motor power 3.0KW
power toll Optional
power toll motor 0.4KW
tool quantities
mainspindle Max. RPM 6000rpm
control system SYNTEC/MITSUBISHI
mass of machine 1600kg
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