CNC Swiss Type Automatic Lathe, 32mm, Multi Swiss

CNC Swiss Type Automatic Lathe, 32mm, Multi Swiss

main features introduction of swiss type automatic lathe

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Basic Info

Model NO.:TCNZ-32DApplication:Metal
Numerical Control:CNCProcessing Precision:±0.05mm
Performance Classification:high precision CNC Machine ToolsCertification:GS, CE, ISO 9001
Specification:CE, GSTrademark:todaycnc

TCNZ 32D Dual Spindle Swiss CNC Lathe

TODAYCNC TCNZ-32D CNC Swiss type Automatic lathe is originated in manufacturing precision machine tools known as Switzerland. It is a mechatronics product, especially suitable for slender shaft of high precision and high efficiency machining. Because equipped with high precision synchronous guide sleeve could do machining processing of drilling, boring, end-face turning, threading, grooving and cutting, tapping or others and cold drawn bar.

 TCNZ-32D Swiss type cnc lathe series is also equipped with the horizontal and vertical rotational power unit, the lathe has milling (such as keyway, flat, surface contours, etc) composite processing polished bar, To carry on the continuous up and down material automatic cycle processing, has ability to carry on the outer circle for  the shaft parts.

TCNZ-32D CNC Swiss lathes has equipped main spindle and sub spindle. After cutting off the processing workpiece, sub spindle can take over the workpiece and complete the processing of back drilling, boring, milling for cut section. One clamping fixture can realize the complete machining of the workpiece. Not only one machine for all processing, reduce the number of machines used. But also greatly improve the production efficiency, in same time effectively solve the problem of effect on processing accuracy by two times processing.

TCNZ-32D CNC Swiss lathe could equip with automatic feeder, and short / long receiving feeder to achieve one person operation of several machines, the so-called "one persons with multi machines" mode, save the labor cost for enterprises. In addition, can also be equipped with a variety of automatic processing, such as chip conveyor and other devices to compose the flexible processing lines, constitute a higher level of automatic machining.

TCNZ-32D Swiss CNC lathe most suitable for processing used in aviation, aerospace, military, automobile, motorcycle, communication, refrigeration, optics, electrical home appliances, micro electronics, watches and clocks, and other industries of high accuracy, multi batch and complicated appearance of long axis parts precision compound processing.

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